Meditation and Testosterone…
Gain Inner and Outer Strength!
Written by Doc Farhan
You’ve probably heard everyone talk about it these days. So many successful entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss, Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama and Oprah talk about how meditation has been a KEY FACTOR to them in achieving their success.
I can tell you that meditation has benefits that are proven by science. Studies have shown done studies with Buddhist monks in the University of Wisconsin where they show that as a Buddhist monk sits in an FMRI machine.
Which is magnetic resonance imaging which takes image your brain. Different parts of the brain while you are meditating and they’ve shown that the parts of the brain which separate our bodies from the environment get shut off a little bit so you feel like you’re one with the environment.
You feel that you are more relaxed that you are more peaceful. Which improves your focus and energy levels.
That stuff you’re probably aware of…
So how does it give you bigger muscles and increase testosterone??
Here’s the thing, we have a lot of stress in our lives and it’s only becoming more and more stressful. When you have stress in your body, cortisol is released (aka the stress hormone)
Cortisol is catabolic which means it breaks down your muscle. The cortisol is degrading your muscle tissue and counters your testosterone production.
By meditating, you lower your stress – so you will be able to avoid that kind of catabolism in your body that is eating away at your muscle gains
BOOM… Bigger, stronger muscles!!
So how should you start?
Meditate for five minutes if you have never meditated in your, life don’t even worry about the technique.
How should you do it?
Just find a quiet place that is comfortable and sit in peace for five minutes.
After you get into a daily routine, you can increase the time to 10 minutes, 20 minutes and even hours. But don’t think about that for now… the important thing is just to start!
For me personally – meditation actually helps me wake up. Whenever I feel sleepy during the day which rarely happens now.
But back in the day… it used to happen all the time!
When I would feel like I needed to take a nap or I needed to sleep, I would just meditate I would sit there close my eyes think about nothing and just feel relaxed and after meditating for about 20 minutes. It felt much more focused and energy levels were much higher. It really is this powerful.
I can’t stress how important meditation this is for your testosterone AND overall health.
So get started and keep going. This is something you should be doing for life. Make it part of your daily routine like brushing your teeth.
Meditation is just one of the matter actions you can do it maximize your testosterone levels. If you would like to learn more just click here.
Good luck and tell me how you go to our Facebook group.
Talk soon,