Do These 3 To Maximize Your Strength
Written by Doc Farhan

Strength Training!!
This is sooo f*ckin important. I’ve said it many times but I’ll repeat it again… One of the important tools I used to Double my Testosterone levels was Strength Training…
You may be wondering what exactly does that actually mean?
Well, let me put in the simplest way I can – It’s doing specific exercises that grow your muscles through lifting heavy weights, which ultimately make you stronger!
Make sense.

Our bodies only grow when we push ourselves, so lifting HEAVY is a critical component of increasing your t-levels and having greater strength and muscle.
Bottom line. Just start doing them!

Disclaimer – There’s a BIG difference between lifting heavy and lifting the WRONG weight!
The is key: Having CORRECT technique – I can’t stress this enough. The right exercise with the wrong technique and the wrong weight will do you more harm than good. You’ll end up injuring yourself which will keep you out of the gym and stop you growing stronger… Exactly the OPPOSITE of what we want.

So I urge so you make sure you understand the correct technique, that will guide you to correct weight you need to be lifting.

If you are unsure about how to do these exercises correctly, I have created a program which has detailed videos showing you how to do each exercise perfectly… Click here to learn more.
Okay… Now that I’ve covered safety, let’s get to the fun stuff!!

These are the 3 exercises you SHOULD be doing to maximize strength and testosterone levels. I always keep these exercises in my training routines, that’s how important they are to me 🙂

Number 1: Deadlifts

By deadlifting,
you can develop an incredibly good-looking and strong body… Can’t go wrong there!!
Deadlifting is a fairly simple movement as you are basically picking up weights up off the floor… But it’s not the easiest!

In order to deadlift properly, you’ve got to make sure that everything is set up properly. Technique is critical.
I mean everything – from your neck and head and face down through your shoulders, your core into your hips, legs knees, and feet, ALL affect the way you deadlift. That’s what I mean when I say technique is critical.

Talk all the strength trainers and they will tell you, Deadlift is one of the MOST IMPORTANT exercises if not the MOST IMPORTANT.

So take the time to learn how to do it correctly, train hard and then… Watch your muscles grow stronger and stronger!

Number 2: Front Squat

Onto one of my favorites… The Front squats.
Why are Front Squats so important? They are going to work the front of your legs namely your quads. These muscles are among the largest in your body and are found on the fronts of your upper legs.

They require that you have good ankle flexibility and will also help to develop your posture and your core abdominal muscles.

The Front squat is a POWERFUL exercise but it requires stability and control… Quality over quantity my friend.

and finally…

Number 3: Chin-ups and Pull-ups

Chin-ups / pull-ups. using different variations of pulling your body up to a bar. Fvuckin simple right?…And powerful.

Man has been doing this style of exercise since the dawn of time. I’m talking about climbing trees, climbing cliffs and doing what we had to do to survive! Clearly, it’s time to get back to our roots.
Why are these important? Chin ups/ Pull-ups develop your biceps, your back, your rear delts. Once you get good at these you can add weight bands to increase the weight and difficulty.

There you have it,… My 3 key exercises that I include in all of my training programs. You can obviously include other exercises with these, but make sure you’re focusing the most on these.
Remember the 80 / 20 rule

80% of your gains are going to come from 20% of the exercises you do. So focus on those key 20%, which are the 3 which I have mentioned above~

I’m gonna repeat this again… Make sure you are doing these movements correctly or you’ll do more harm than good. No B.S.

If you are uncertain you can go watch them on YouTube (from someone who knows what they are doing) or get a personal trainer.

You can also grab a copy of the Program. It provides you videos of these 3 key exercises plus another 8 other important exercises which I do to maximize my muscle and testosterone levels.
These are taught by myself and Mark Novak (the guy behind me in the photo’s lol). Mark is an Olympic lifter and Strength Camp senior trainer. Someone who knows all the in’s and outs of strength training and teaching you how to get bigger muscles!!

BOOM!! You cannot go wrong 🙂

With Love and Support